Rejoice always….really?

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I have to be honest this scripture rubs me the wrong way these days. Let me explain why. Vs. 16 says “Rejoice always” now head smart I know this to be truth, and I also know this to be beneficial to my emotional state when I am capable of doing so. Even though my head knows this to be true, my heart (which is guided by emotions) is screaming “Are you kidding me…..rejoice always, even during all of this garbage?” vs. 18 has the same effect on my heart. “Give thanks in all circumstances” Really? I am supposed to give thanks and rejoice in the fact that my ability as a mother is being tarnished by lies. That a member of my church will be asked to testify against my husband and I. (Side note: We originally paid for this person to counsel one of our kids so he would not have to be put on a mind altering drug. He is on the drug and they are being asked to testify by the other party. How’s that for irony?)

Rejoice always….this is just one of those verses when come across in a time like this I realize how good of a sense of humor God really has. As I wrote that I thought “Maybe this is why I laugh sarcastically at life when it seems to hit the fan” God DID create me in the likeness of His image, right? If this is true then I am stuck with another question. When two people are going to court one being devout Christ followers; living everyday as close to the Word as possible; wanting only to give their children equal advantages with both parties. The other party concocting lies and driven by money, however they claim to love God as well. Whose side will God be on?  

God is on Gods side. I know this as a fact, and even though I have all these worries building up, ultimately I know that nothing I can do can change the outcome. If the judge believes the lies that have been said about me there is nothing I can do. This reminds me of a high school soccer game during my sophomore year. Running alongside the ball as it went out of bounds, knowing without a doubt I had not touched the ball; the referee still called it out on our team. Of course I had to tell him I did not touch the ball, yet he did not change his call. So I yelled it a little louder, just in case he didn’t hear me the first time or second. He walked over to me and shoved a yellow card right in my face. There was such fury inside of me because I had been called out unjustly. I did not touch that ball, but it didn’t matter what I said. He made his choice and no amount of yelling was going to fix it. The harder I tried, the more trouble I caused.

I guess knowing this and knowing that God knows who I am and why He’s  planned all of this. I can rejoice and give thanks in all things. Possibly the more I trust in His will for my life, the less I will have to be placed in these testing trials? Wishful thinking!

Dear Lord,

I come to you tonight guilty of worry, full of anxiety, and sad because I doubt your ways. Will you please forgive me (again) and help me to trust in your promises for our lives. Trust that you will not allow evil to prevail over those who love you and live according to your Word. No matter the outcome Lord, I will trust in You and rejoice that you love me, giving thanks for your unending grace. In your Sons name I pray, Amen.