Read like a child

Because our eyes can be channels of sexual temptation

and lust, like Job, we need to make a covenant with

them. This means guarding our eyes against all kinds of evil (Psalm 101:3),

living lives of discipline and self-control (1 Thessalonians 4:4-5), and submitting

to the Holy Spirit for direction and empowerment (Galatians 5:16-21). It also

includes living like “temporary residents and foreigners” who are waiting for our

end time inheritance (1 Peter 2:11), and fighting temptation and pursuing what is

right in community with other committed believers in Jesus. —Marvin Williams

While reading the message that went to Job 31:1-4; I was tempted to skim through this and take whatever applies to me. The first sentence in the paragraph above for example. I jumped on to the next sentence bc I “currently” have no issues with sexual desires. This isn’t a bad thing, actually is what I think all believers should be able to do when reading anything written by man about their interpretation of Gods message. Take what works and forget what doesn’t. (instead of arguing about how incorrect they are, take what they are able to provide and throw away the rest….)

I just have to remember not to assume that God has nothing left to teach me through the scripture I’ve read a million times. Symbols and other words were used throughout the entire bible to describe something entirely different. Jesus for example has His sacrifice spoken through Isaiah with he analogy of a lamb about to be slaughtered.

When I skip over anything I feel is of no use for me any longer….well this is when I have to check my pride and realize that God is still using the words of child for me to understand. Mostly though I need to notice how I actually think I am the one who has the ability to understand what I’m reading. I only know what God wants me to know by having the Holy Spirit revealed to me His meaning.

The second way I am hurting myself by skipping over this first sentence, or anything else in the bible that I may not understand or feel I “need” 😉 to read right now. I am looking at His word through the eyes of an adult whose imagination only comes out when I imagine I am on the beach somewhere and not really in my back yard. To see the way my kids can create an entire scene in a movie while playing with toilet paper rolls, makes me remember how important it is to step back for a moment and imagine this knowledge being explained in a way that allowed me to gain insight…without changing the meaning. When I do this I am opening my mind up to so many other areas in my life where my desire for “it” over God needs to be addressed.

If reading your bible sounds more like a chore, than the moment you’ve been waiting for all day….then I challenge you to go and read something…if it doesn’t “fit” for you…then step back read the context and then try to see if you can take something in your life and replace whatever the analogy happened to be and then let the Spirit do the rest.

Blessings upon you!