Hebrews 12:4

4 In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted
to the point of shedding your blood. Hebrews 12:4

We are proud, egotistical, boaster of
things of Christ, and yet we think we are righteous. I believe Americans do not
understand what this passage means. I hear of children being threatened to be
killed, kept from their families, and their freedom from this would be to deny
CHRIST as LORD. They refuse, the parents refuse. I have to be honest with you,
the ONLY way I could do this, was by Gods Holy Spirit completely controlling
every thought and action of my being, and sustaining control. Because the
moment I took over I would be telling them anything they wanted to be free;
convincing myself that God wouldn’t want me to die. Just like I justify that
God wouldn’t want me to stay in a marriage that had such destructive lows.

God knows exactly where I’m at and what I’m
going to do. He has already planned the day that I die just as He planned the
day I would arrive. The trials that we endure are so that we will be
transformed to reflect the image of His Son Jesus, which is the Image of God.
We are to become ONE with our Creator, Savior, and Holy Spirit once again. In
order to do this we have to be sifted, refined, renewed, and over and over
again until however long it takes to kill all that is us. We must become less
and He becomes MORE. He becomes ALL. We want to live a life FULLY devoted the
Lord, in ALL areas of your life. Remember he knows exactly where you are, and
he knows why. So no matter what you do daily, do it as if you were working for
the Lord, because if you are in Christ Jesus than this is the promise that you
made when you asked to be Gods child.


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