When I change who I am, I’m changing who God created me to be.

Last night Kayla went to bed upset because she tried to answer like Tristan because that seemed to make me happy. But she said when she does that it only gets me upset. I told her that I didn’t want her to be anyone other than her. Because when she changes who she is than she changes who God made her to be.

I knew later on those words would be lingering within my heart, and sure enough as I drover to wendy’s I said them to myself.

“He doesn’t want you to be like anyone else. He doesn’t want me to change who I am when I am experiencing Him within me and all around me.”

The lessons he uses the kids, mostly Kayla for me, leave me with a guilt because she has to suffer in order for me to see. However, it also causes the quickest response in repentance because I can’t bare to see my babies suffer any more hurt because of my sin. So today’s lesson for my Spirit to surrender to The Holy Spirit and let go of the fear that has kept me from being me.