The video above ties in so beautifully with the messages [below] I receieved through other vessels used by God to remind me, that FEAR IS A LIE! Enjoy!

Fear is Evil

Have no fear. Fear is evil and “perfect Love casts out fear.” There is no room for fear in the heart in which I dwell. Fear destroys Hope. It cannot exist where is Love is, or where Faith is. Fear is the curse of the world. Man is afraid–afraid pf poverty, afraid of loneliness, afraid of unemployment, afraid of sickness. Many, many are man’s fears. Nation is afraid of nation. Fear, fear, fear, everywhere. Fight fear as you would a plague. Turn it out of your lives and home. Fight it singly. Fight it together. Never inspire fear. It is an evil ally. Fear of punishment, fear of blame. No work that employs this enemy of Mine is work for Me. Banish it. There must be another and better way. Ask Me, and I will show it to you. – God Calling

Do We Live in Fear or Peace?
Most of us would probably argue that we would never trust the devil. But it might not occur to us that putting our faith in anoyone or anything besides God creates only symptomatic cures and is actually idolatry. An idol is anything you trust more than you trust God, or anything you have to check with before you say yes to God.

In my own life, I have struggled at times with the fear of death. If I have some negative physical symptom, I immediately go to the doctor to find out what is wrong and what can be done to help cure me. Let me clearly state that I am in no way opposed to seeing a Dr. when you are sick. Jesus Himself said that those who are sick need a physician (see Matthew 9:12). But after all the tests are run and the results are in, we still have to decide if we will trust God or man. It is so important that we do not confuse the facts with the truth.

Physicians, for example, are trained to giuve us the facts. It is their job to diagnose our conditions and identify the best treatment based on their training, experience, and the available informations. But the truth– what God says about a situations or condition- overides the facts. A doctor should never have the final wordm therefore, on our condition or treatment. We must always consult the Great Physician and be guided by His prognosis before we ever subject ourselves to the medical profession. We often fear the worst when we visit the Dr. or find ourselves in some other situation in which we feel powerless. The apostle john wrote, “There is no fear in love; but the perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love” (1 John 4:18). Think about it–Daddy is God and He made everything in the universe simply by speaking it into exstence, and He happens to love us enough to send His Son to die for us, then it stands to reason that worry is completely irrational!

Is it not true that all anxiety, fear and torment in a Christian’s life can be traced back to the fact that we have forgotten who we are and /whose we are? This brings us back to what we learned from the life of Nehemiah and the temptation of Christ in the wilderness. In both cases, the enemy’s devious strategy was to try to get them questioning who they were.

If you are dealing with anxiety, torment, fear, low self-esteem, depression or any other negative emotion, it is very likely they you have forgotten that the Creator of the universe LOVES YOU. Do not entertain the enemy’s questions about how valuable you are. As Pastor Bill Johnson says, ” Any thought that does not inspire hope is rooted in a lie.” Let’s stop believing lies! Let’s embrace the truth and live in peace.

From the book written by Kris Vallotton Spirit Wars (highly recommend)


I dare you not to be inspired. 🙂

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I just got done watching this incredibly moving and sad video about this wicked man named Kony that is from Uganda. I have heard of his army, but have never heard of him in particular. I know that he takes helpless children and turns the boys into child soldiers and the girls into sex slaves. He is the bottom of the barrel disgusting. To torture and disgrace God’s creation like this makes me sick to my stomach. God will prevail though and justice will be done. He will have to face the judgment seat of God one day. I can promise you that.

Then last night my good friend sent me an article on teenagers in Russia. In this article it said that 5 teenagers daily decide that life in Russia is just too hard so they take their life through suicide. My friend knows that I have a special…

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Jesus speaks and it’s DONE!

Jesus speaks and it’s DONE!

Earlier today I posted on my Facebook status that it will be 3 years since God radically transformed my life and took away my addiction to alcohol. Tonight during service Pastor Kedrick taught on John 4:43-54 and during his message he spoke those words above. I smiled as I thought about what I had posted only a few hours earlier thinking about the exact moment when Jesus spoke and changed my life.

It was May 1, 2009 roughly between 6:30-7:00pm. I was driving home on the turnpike having an arguement with God over me drinking that night with my very best friend. Obviously it was a one sided argument, as God just quietly listened to me throw a tantrum. I would go on and on about how it was ridiculious that my other friend didn’t want to ride with me if I had any drinks, knowing that I only planned on having a few beers which any alcoholic can tell you a few beers is like eating a single hershy kiss for desert. When I would say “what’s the big deal” I would then hear calmly “why do you have to drink”. Which would send me back into another fit of endless excuses as to why I wanted to drink. About 15-20 minutes into it a song called “Sissy’s song” came on the radio and I heard “You’re going to lose them if you do this” them being my children, right then I said “NO” and started bawling. I pleaded with God and told Him how sorry I was and chose to do the Red Bull thing instead.

Three years later I can proudly tell you that I have enjoyed one glass of wine with a friend of mine, almost let the enemy defeat me a couple others, but as the Word tells us there is no temptation too great that God does not give us a way out. Choosing to take it when it comes is the part we must choose to take. Except for those few times I have been alcohol free. And I used to drink every single day. Not just a glass or two. I would finish an entire large bottle of wine or 6 pack alone. I won’t even say how much I’d drink when I left the house.

I honestly had nothing to do with that radical transformation. I tried countless of times before to quit drinking and couldn’t. That day Jesus spoke to my heart, which at the moment was my children, and it was done. Gone. In an instant. Truly in an instant. The times when I almost slipped wasn’t because I craved the drink. It was because I hurt, and I wanted to hurt myself. The reason I wanted to write this blog is because I want people to know how powerful Jesus truly is. Nothing in my life ever gave me the inner peace that I now have. NOTHING!!!

I pray that you reading this have a personal relationship with Jesus, and have accepted the Gift of Grace God freely wants to GIVE you through this relationship with His Son. If you don’t and would like one, please message me and I would love to pray with you and possibly study Gods word together. If you’re not plugged into a church I know a GREAT one you can check out at www.getreallife.com let Jesus change your life like He’s changed mine.

~sometimes I just gotta write~