Marriage reflects my relationship with God. Who knew?

The knowledge that “nothing you ever do will make God love you less” should bring peace to your life. How does your life reflect that kind of peace?

To my surprise God has been revealing to me over and over just how true the statement is that marriage reflects our relationship with God. The question asked here is how does my life reflect this, and instantly I thought of my marriage to Chadd. He has seen the worst of me and knows every disgusting thought I have ever had, and STILL he loves me completely. We have our “off” times and there are times when I have my “off” times with God. But its in those moments that I am to focus on what is true, honorable, pleasing, and by doing so I am choosing to love him despite of our “off” time. To honor God is a choice, not a feeling. To honor your marriage is a choice, not a feeling.

This is such a radical change for me. If only you knew how many times I have wanted to divorce Chadd, and how many times I have kicked him out. To see all that God has done in this last year inside of my heart and life, makes me fall deeper in love with His Majesty. God is such an amazing Creator, such a LOVING, and righteous being. And to know that He dwells within ME……well, it simply blows my mind