Keep getting back up

Keep getting back up

This email triggered the following post. Which is an email I sent to women I care about. Wanted to share it on here also. Hoping it encourages someone.

Good Morning Ladies,

I’m not currently reading this study but I still have the emails sent to me. A couple days ago I happen to open one of them and the author Melissa Taylor was having one attack after another. It felt very similar to times where I felt I couldn’t even get my knees wiped off before I had been knocked down again. I’m sure some of you if not all can relate.

Today I happen to open it again and I was so encouraged by her email. Tears came in the beginning, you Momma’s who grasp onto your babies as a life line when you’re sinking will see it when you get there. But the reason I wanted to share her words with you is bc we need to be reminded that we are ALL in this battle together. We ALL, rich, famous, poor, housewife, whatever your label, we are ALL in this battle and we all get knocked down. It’s who we lean on that helps get us up. Surround yourself ladies with women who speak LIFE into your life. Not suck it out. Separate yourselves from anyone who causes that burden to seem heavier than it really is. Even if that person is family….you need to be proactive in this battle and the first step in that is by eliminating anyone and anything that causes your walk in Christ to come to a halt.

If you are that person in someone’s life than repent of it and make right what you’ve said or done. (Ok that apparently was for me and my marriage bc as I’m writing this I’m thinking none of these women would do that….which means its me and I have to repent of the behavior I’ve displayed to ny husband…doh! Hate when that happens.)

Anyway, there’s my morning heart for those of you who took the time to read. Love you! And am praying for you to keep getting back up.


2 thoughts on “Keep getting back up

  1. Wow Crys, you have encouraged me today with your words. I’m thanking God He used my blog post for you and now your blog post for me and so many others! We are all in this together and that is soooo sweet!

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