The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.

“This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him.” John 6:65 NIV

I know that I have had to have read these words before, but today they stood out to me in a new way. Recently a woman I have been praying for has reached out to me to help her renew her relationship with God. Which has renewed my relationship as well. Not that I have strayed; but there was a dullness in my passion. I had begun to doubt my effectiveness to those on my Facebook page. (This is where I have felt led to reach women where they are, and God has continually opened up hearts and allowed my life within Him effect others.)

As I’ve been praying ever more for her these last few days, I’ve been reminded of the time when I was where she is at this moment in her life. Broken from trying to live this life on my own. Man, was that an exhausting place to be. As I’ve done this God has given me the words to pray and to send her as an encouragement. When I read these words this morning she came to mind. I wanted to send them to her to say “Look…God has enabled YOU, you can rest knowing that none of this is your doing.” Which brings me to the very first passage that I read this morning, before this one. “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing” John 6:63a (and to be honest until this very moment I read that line in a different context for a totally different struggle that I’m faced with. That’s why I love writing so much….God always speaks to me when I think He wants to just speak through me.)

See what these Words have spoken to me today are TRUTH. God has enabled me to see them as life. I can do all the things that seem “right” and still never accomplish anything for Him. I can truly REST knowing that He will enable me, and His Spirit is providing life for me and those He places in my life.

If you are where she is at the beginning of a long journey back to the Father, or where I am overly joyful to hear His voice after a time of silence, I hope these words have helped encouraged you. If they haven’t that’s ok because they’ve encouraged me…. Just try to remember that no matter where you are in your journey with Our Father….He has already enabled you to do so. He has called you back into His presence. Rest in Him.  Let His Spirit GIVE you life. Anything you think you need to do, will count for NOTHING.


4 thoughts on “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.

  1. Oh I love this!!!
    This IS who you are! This is
    Who I know! Better yet, this
    Is who HE knows!
    Oh I’m so touched to read this and
    Connect it to our conversation from today!!
    You and me go fishing in the dark 🎶

      • I know Right!!! I give Him the glory for that!!! It just happened to be the first one I read lol
        I started reading and for a second thought you just wrote this.
        Then I saw the date.

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