Brokenhearted for Mothers today

I always know when it’s been too long since I last written when my nails have grown so long. 🙂 There just hasn’t been anything to write about….until last night. I attended Real Women through my church Real Life Christian Church, in Clermont FL. After large group we broke up to randomly selected small groups. (Although 4 of the 7 ladies all work as teachers and know one another).

Each of us went around and told our names as well as adding something about us. This is where the subject of this blog came to mind. One of the ladies is pregnant with her third daughter. Right away I could sense a tad of anxiety in saying “three girls”. Maybe you even cringed a little while reading that. One woman replied, “Oh wow”. Not being a mother herself we could understand the response. Then our group leader, being a mother of 4 grown boys tried to give her encouragement, I’m assuming she could also feel the anxiety in her words, “three girls”. “It’s easier when you have all the same” and then the mom to be replied with a commonly stated phrase, “I’m just worried about the teen years with 3 girls”.

How many times have you heard or said this? Personally I strongly dislike hearing this. We already defeat ourselves of Gods promise to provide all that we need. Mind you many of us, myself included think of this as a financial provision. But where in Gods Word does He ever say I will provide you with money? No, He tells us that He knows what we need, and will provide this for us. He knows we need the strength and wisdom to be mothers in todays’ day. BUT…the enemy wants us to ‘doubt’ this. Just like he wanted Eve to doubt God in the garden, just like he tried to get Jesus to doubt whose He was in the wilderness.

Ladies, if we are women of God and the Holy Spirit is living within us then we MUST stop letting the WORLD define what kind of “teen” years we will have with our children. We MUST STOP defeating ourselves before we even get our kids out of diapers. He who lives IN us (Holy Spirit), is GREATER than he who lives in the world. Do you believe this?

I instantly told this woman that it doesn’t have to be this way. That she can choose to be different, she can choose to let God be in control of this relationship and not the world. Do you know what she said? And I quote: “Thank you! That is the FIRST time anyone has ever said that to me. I really needed to hear that.”

Then within seconds our group leader, replied. “Well, we also have to make sure we are not too naive and just take one day at a time. I raised 4 boys and my advice is take one day at a time” There’s that well meaning, plan B. My heart broke, again!

Did you catch what I just wrote? My heart broke, again! First, do you remember how many girls she will be the mother of? That’s right, THREE. And this was the FIRST time this active Christian woman has heard that the teenage years did NOT have to be directed by the world. WHY? How can this woman have gone through the last 5 years and not one single person encouraged her as a mother? How can she worship God and walk along side other women and not ONE single person tell her that God is the one who directs our lives not the world?

Mothers I challenge you today to think about the last time you encouraged another mother in parenting. I ask you to consider your words carefully when another mother is having a hard time. Do NOT add to her burden….we are to point others to CHRIST at ALL times. Yes, we will fall short at times….BUT that is NOT an excuse to continue in fallin short. I am praying that those who are reading this repent of the negative chatter that we have about the future of our children. The WORLD DOES NOT DIRECT YOUR PATHS. If we TRUST IN THE LORD IN ALL OUR WAYS, HE WILL MAKE YOUR PATHS STRAIGHT. God is NOT a liar. You can bank on His Word as TRUTH!

The second way my heart broke was with the well meaning, plan B. God did not create a Plan B. Jesus was NOT plan B. GOD KNEW! JESUS KNEW! THE HOLY SPIRIT KNEW! Yet together they STILL created the Heavens and the Earth, and US! Yes, we will fall short in this life, BUT that does not mean we don’t strive for perfection every single day at every single thing. Jesus did it. So can we.

Do you believe that? The SAME Spirit that lived inside Jesus as He walked this earth ALSO lives in US! It’s through this power that we can live in victory! The truth that we will be complete the day Jesus comes back, is not for us to procrastinate on perfection. It’s a promise; I consider for us to not give up when we do fall.

Mothers, I again want to challenge you to speak life into your friends. Speak Truth into the women who have children younger than yours. If you are going through teenage years and they are hard…then accept your role in that and go to God and pray for Him to reveal to YOU what YOU can do to change YOUR behavior to HELP your children. God gives wisdom to those who ask according to His will. That means when praying, make sure your heart is asking for the right reasons. Not just because you’re tired of the hard years, but because these are His children also that He entrusted YOU to raise up in His Word. To teach them how to live in this world, which is getting worse by the minute, in a way that glorfies HIM! p.s. it helps to live in way that honors Him yourself FIRST.

~sometimes I gotta write~