She did what she could.

Mark 14:1-11 Jesus Anointed at Bethany

Verse 8a in the above passage says “She did what she could.”

She did what she could.

This was one of the key messages for one of the women at Women of Faith this weekend. And it really hit home with me because the truth of the matter is I am not doing what I could in a lot of areas of my life. But the only area that truly matters is in my walk with God. Am I doing all that I could when I pray? No. Am I doing all that I could when I am reading the Word? No. Am I doing all that I can to teach others what God has taught or is teaching me? No.

Last night I thought about this statement and I asked God where I could do more for Him, and I sensed He was saying writing. I don’t write like I used to. This morning as I sat and talked with one of my dearest friends she subtly, in a not so subtle way said I should try and write in this writing contest. Then I checked my Facebook  and another friend (who also went to WOF) had this exact statement on her status. So, here I am writing about writing.

But this is more than just about me and my desire to write. Are you doing what you could do? Not everything, but what you can do for God? He doesn’t call us to solve world hunger, but he does call us to give to the hungry. He doesn’t call us to end bullying, but He does call us to Love our enemies. He doesn’t call us to change the world, but He does call us to teach the Gospel which changed us. Are you doing any of this? Am I doing any of this?

I know I love writing, and I love writing about what God is doing in my life…so I want to do what I can which is just that. Write about what God is doing in my life, and pray that the Holy Spirit leads those who He needs to hear the message that He has given me. That is doing what I can. I am a stay at home mother, and this is where I belong, so going out and leading classes at my local church would be against where God has placed me….but that doesn’t mean that I can’t teach those who choose to see my blog, and I can do this all from the comfort of my front porch.

Will you join me today and seek out things that you can do for God and let go of all the things you can’t. Start with your passion….how can you turn that into a testimony for Christ?

~sometimes I just gotta write~ (it’s what I could do)


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