Who is Santa?

Santa Claus?

Learning about where the name “Santa Claus” comes from helps when explaining to your children that there isn’t in fact a big jolly man that comes down a chimney.

Marc Driscoll have an interview a few years back that really comforted me when I felt uneasy ab pretending Santa was real. Paraphrasing his quote.

When we tell our children that Santa,the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy are real; only to tell them later in life that they aren’t we are building a foundation for them to not believe what we tell them to be true. Now take the Bible, which we as Christians believe to be God Breathed and TRUTH. The stories in this book are actual events, but some of them are downright unbelievable. It takes Faith to believe that they are indeed true. How can we as parents expect them to believe these historical events as truth, when they’re raised to believe something only for us to tell them later it was actually a lie.

Even as I wrote the above I could see the way the enemy uses things that “seem” innocent and fun to discredit us as parents, commanded to teach our children Gods ways.

Also, I want to state this to avoid any debates, if you have not vowed to raise your children in a Bible believing home, then this post doesn’t really apply to you. But if you have, then I hope you consider the foundation of “truths” you are establishing with your children.

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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