Last year I was given the word “GRACE” and the number 5 & 12. As I sit here and think of the word that God is placing in my heart I’ve realized what I didn’t realize last year that the word given is what He wants me to study, what He wants me to do more of. This year the word He has given me is “PRAYER”.

 I already have books lining up in my mind to read about the subject. But mostly what I have running through my mind is the countless amounts of prayers that He has answered just in the last month alone. Small prayers like Jacob receiving pancakes for dinner, to the most recent one of Aunt Phyllis reacting well to the medication that typically makes her ill.

I have learned a lot about prayer, but am realizing there is still so much to learn. Mostly though what I know I must learn this year cannot be learned in any book. Not even The Bible. What I must learn is TRUST. I must trust in WHO God says He is, WHO He has already proven to be in my life, and WHO God says I am. Now these things can be learned through His word, but TRUST must come from within. I must release my fear, and gain trust in His love.

Through prayer He and I will continue to become One. Through prayer He will reveal to me things that He desires only for me. Through prayer I will be able to know that He and I are One.

So in 2013, my word is PRAYER. What is yours?

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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