Listen more and talk less

Genesis 22:2: God said, “Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love. And go to the land of Moriah. Give him as a burnt gift on the altar in worship, on one of the mountains I will show you.” (NLV)

This passage is very dear to me. This was the message spoken on November 7th & 8th 2009 at my church; the day that I had become baptized with The Holy Spirit of God. (What I associate as my born again birthday.) So anytime that God has me come back to this passage I know that there is a special message He is speaking to me. Last night as I struggled with a Word He had spoken to me, one that I have heard Him say for a few years now; He brought me back to this passage. (He also brought it up again today in a devotional…sometimes He knows I need a few reminders.) As I read this again He gave me understanding as to what I have been doing wrong. And why it has been over two years since He first gave me this command and I have yet to follow it through. I hope I can relay this message clearly so that you can avoid delaying in the commands that God gives you.

What I noticed last night was Abraham never spoke what it was that God has told Him to do. Not even in when Isaac had asked Him about what they were to use for a sacrifice in verse 8. He simply replied God will provide. I believe the reason this occurred was because had He repeated what it was that God had commanded Him to do others would have tried to talk him out of it. I mean c’mon who would ever believe that God would ask him to kill the only child he had. The child that God himself gave him. Surely Abraham must’ve heard Him incorrectly.

Well-meaning friends sometimes cause us a stumbling block when trying to “help”. Remember Job’s friends that came to “help” Job repent of his sin so that God would no longer punish him? Only later to find out that they were absolutely incorrect and later had to ask Job to forgive them. Now these friends knew the Word of God also, and I believe they truly meant well. But they were wrong. And what about when Jesus told the disciples that he would be killed and then after 3 days be raised back to life. Peter, the one He had told only moments before that He would build his church upon, pulls Jesus aside and begins to rebuke Jesus and says “Never, Lord! This shall never happen to you!” In reply Jesus says “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me, you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.” Ouch!

I believe there will be times when we need to seek Counsel of wise friends, but then there are times when we must Trust and have Faith in our God and keep silent about what the Lord has told us. There are things that do not make sense to others, heck probably not even to us. But this is when we need to hold on to what we know to be true and step out in Faith.

I want to encourage you to listen more and talk less. God will guide you and protect you all of the days and never will He forsake you. Even when others do.

~soemtimes I just gotta write~


2 thoughts on “Listen more and talk less

  1. Oh…you are so right friend. Sometimes God shows us stuff just for us, and sometimes it is for us to teach with. It takes much discernment, and for big mouths like me, sometimes I get it wrong. I thank God that He is merciful with me afterwards knowing, that in the words of Max Lucado, I am just trying to; “make a big deal out of God”. And, that is my life’s goal; To glorify the King with my everything! This blog convicted me. Thank you. Love you.

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