A Friends love….

“How are you?”

“Eh…I’ve been better.”

“I can feel it….”

Her text messages contain 4 more texts worth of encouragement, but it was with those 4 words that my heart knew. My heart knew what I have in her is true. Pure love; from Love itself. Our friendship began before we ever even knew one another. The Holy Spirit began working in our lives months before the day came for us to latch on to one another. And I don’t use that word “latch” lightly.

A child latches to it’s mother for survival, and I believe that’s what our Spirits did when they were intertwined. Our friendship couldn’t be explained. There was an over abundance of LOVE, PURE GODLY LOVE. When she needed a Word there it was on my mind and same with me. We lifted one another up and spoke words that God knew we needed, and we had no apprehension in speaking them. We sounded like lovers. At times I would go back and read our messages and think, how is this happening. But I knew…I knew that God was involved. God had created us, and knew the love that He could pour out to each of us. He knew the love that we had in us needed to be given to someone, someone who needed it as much as we did.

Three years ago my life I thought was over….as did she. Today I woke to a friend that loves me purely. One that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Thank you my sweet sister in Christ, thank you for loving God so wholly, your love leaks into my holes. I am eternally grateful that He gave me you!

I pray you find a friend to love you in those moments when you can’t love yourself!

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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