Jesus Loves You…

“Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.” Luke 11:17

These words were spoken by Jesus and today I am seeing more and more how true this statement is. The enemy is attacking marriages, and wreaking havoc in our homes and hearts. Ladies, I wish I had an easy rememdy or a reason why this was occurring. Sadly, I don’t and what’s even more sad is I’m afraid as the years go on it is only going to get worse.

I know these are not words that give hope. Or are they? Gods word tells us over and over again that we have an enemy and he wants to destroy all things that bring honor to our Lord Jesus. How can we arm ourselves against this?

We seek FIRST His Kingdom. It’s that simple. We need to build our lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ. We need to KNOW Him who gave his life up for us to gain Freedom through His Blood. We need to KNOW who He says we are IN Him. We NEED to BELIEVE HIM. And we Need to set up camp and remain there no matter what comes our way. No matter who betrays us…..because people WILL betray us. Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter betrayed Jesus, what makes us think we can count on anyone here not to fall victim to the enemies trap? Jesus is our refuge Ladies. Jesus is the One who became a man, lived under the law, sacrificed His life for US, was risen to redeem us from death. Jesus is the One who LOVES US. Jesus DIED for US. He is our Husband, we are His BrideGroom. He is Our EVERYTHING, and He WILL NOT BETRAY US.

Seek Him if you’re hurting. Seek Him if you’re not. Seek Him if you’re Lost. Seek Him if you’re not. Always Seek to Know Jesus and allow His Love envelop you. He’s right there with you. He has not taken His eyes off of you. He lives INSIDE of YOU. The Christ is One with you and wants you to KNOW HIM. Cry to Him. Let His words cover the lies that are wreaking havoc in your mind. Let His Love hold you when it seems the world around you is falling apart. Do NOT give up, or give in to the LIES that you are alone. NEVER WILL HE FORSAKE YOU! God is NOT a liar and never ever will He leave you. EVER! He sent this letter to you because He needs you to know that He hears you! And He’s sorry, but promises that if you remain faithful to Him, He WILL work it all out for GOOD. He’s not finished yet. Don’t give up. Hold on to Your anchor….Jesus is with You!