He answers…are you listening?

God answers prayers. This morning while praying for a friends sister who has bleeding in her head I could feel the pressure in my head. Then I asked my husband to join me in prayer and he also felt the pressure. My bible then flipped to Ezekial, the prophet that lived out what it was that God was wanting. This was my way of hearing God telling me that we will “feel” Him and to stay in tune with our bodies. The answer came just a short while ago. Psalm 107:19-21 brought through a devotional I am not apart of but followed the Spirits leading. As I began to write out this prayer with my name I then knew it wasn’t for ME, but for her sister. This is what it says: They {insert name} cried out tot he Lord in her trouble, and He saved them from distress. He sent out His word and Healed her: He rescued Her from the grave. Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing Love and His wonderful deeds for mankind.

Open your eyes and Hearts to hear and see Him. Never underestimate the lengths God has already gone to so You would hear Him. Remember, He knew exactly where’d you’d be when you cried out o Him. Open the eyes of their hearts Lord.


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