Mission impossible

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep, and my sheep know me.” – Jesus (John 10:14)


If you decide to follow Jesus then He takes you on a road that is utterly impossible. In the first place you do the “impossible,” you stop sinning. You go against your own will, against your own desires and you obey Jesus Christ.

People say it is impossible to stop sinning. With Jesus all things are possible. If you stay with Jesus then the road is impossible, it is difficult, you cannot see where you are going but you can only see Him who is guiding you, the One, whom you are following, Jesus Christ. “The righteous will live by faith and if he withdraws My soul will have no pleasure in Him.” To follow Jesus is to walk by faith, to trust Him in absolutely everything. The road will be impossible but because Jesus goes ahead of you, you arrive on the other side. You get to know Jesus…

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