a few ways that I Hear Gods Voice….

Eagle cloud

Two Eagles and a Vine

When you read your bible do you allow it to be received as if it were written directly to you? If you don’t might I suggest today you try. Ask Jesus to speak to you, to reveal Himself through His Written Word. Then know that He will. Don’t try and fight or control what you’re reading. Just let the words slowly (or quickly) come alive. If you have a lucky number keep an eye out to see if it happens to be in the verse you’re reading that sticks out, or possibly the time on the clock. Allow God’s Word to come alive and reveal to you something you may never have noticed before.

This morning He had me in Ezekiel. And I have to be honest sometimes it can be scary reading the Old Testament in this mindset. I hardly quit reading before He blesses me with something good to walk away with. This morning after being tossed back and forth between one warning after another, I received a beautiful gift. One that I will never let go of. It will be mine for as long as I live.

When the fan flipped my page over to show Chapter 17 Two Eagles and a Vine my heart began to see the Light of the earlier chastisement. 17 was the number my brother Mike wore on his football jersey, and my Daddy loved Eagles so much that my mom chose a beautiful Urn with an Eagle landing on a branch above water. Both Mike and my Dad have passed on so this, along with the Savior of my Souls description of Himself, I knew there had to be something in there just for me. And there it is 17:7,8 – Which happens to be my birthdate 1/7/78 it gets even better when I hit my phone to write the time down along with the verse it was 7:53am. My dad was born in 53….just another way of God showering me with LOVE through His Written Word.

There are many other personal messages within the text above, but these are just a few ways that I Hear Gods Voice, and Receive the LOVE that He pours out on me. I hope you are encouraged to ask God to Open the Eyes of your Heart and receive the Love He’s been waiting to give to you.

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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