Another life lesson given through my children

A couple weeks ago I posted a blog that was inspired from my study time with my 7yr old son Tristan. We are currently doing a plan through called “The Book of Daniel with Kids” (To read earlier post click here) today we are on day 14 Chapter 4:28-37 The Dream is Fulfilled (click here to read about the dream warning the King, and the consequences for disobedience Chapter 4)

These last few lines of King Nebuchadnezzar’s letter “to the peoples, nations and men of every language, who live in all the world” (that includes you and me btw), he talks about what God did to him because of his disobedience to heed the warning given one year earlier. God tells him that he will basically make him a crazy, grass eating, homeless man. That 7 years will pass before he will learn the lesson that God rules every kingdom on earth.

I paused and ask Tristan why he thought God said it would be 7 years and the king couldn’t learn his lesson sooner with all these warnings. His answer makes my heart smile so much.

“Because God knows what’s going to happen at anytime, in the future or the past.”

Friends, do you know how important this truth is? Do you understand the security that is being built within his heart knowing this at 7 years old? I don’t write this to boast about my parenting, because I drop the ball with him big time. But what I will boast about is the wisdom that God has given me through painful experiences of tragic deaths, divorce, abuse, and a life filled with darkness, to teach my children.

Because I grew up without the Lord I know what a difference choosing Him makes on families. The pain and destruction that passes on to generation after generation. God has shown me through my life and the lives of my family, what will happen again if I do not heed His instructions and build a foundation so solid and so deep that nothing and no one will be able to destroy it.

What about you? Have you suffered in this life? Do you feel as if you have been given the short end of the stick? Friend, may I remind you that God uses the lowly to do His work. God has never forsaken you…EVER. He knew every ounce of pain that you endured. He has a purpose for it…if you would just choose to believe that He is a GOOD GOD, and ALL POWERFUL GOD, and a GOD THAT LOVES YOU TO THE CROSS AND BACK! Trust HIM!

At the end of the kings 7 years God restored his sanity, honor, and kingdom. He ruled his people under Gods authority and warns you at the end of verse 37 that those of us who walk in pride God is able to humble.

God is in control. I know it appears that He isn’t, but I assure you that not a moment passes that He does not have TOTAL control. This is my plea to all the parents who happen to be reading this…. do not allow another day to go by without asking God to help you raise the children He entrusted you with. If you are living a life that is unpleasing to Him, STOP! Your warning is here….God has seen the evil that we are allowing to consume our lives and the lives of our children. God has already Won. Victory is His. He has already predestined our children to be victorious.

Will we choose to see this life as our own, or will we pick up our cross as parents and seek Gods help in raising His Kings and Queens? I pray that you and I will build up our children so that no lies will ever destroy them.


8 thoughts on “Another life lesson given through my children

  1. Just this morning I was praying for Jacob, Rylie and their future spouses to love Jesus in a way that makes their love for everyone else look like hate. That they have such a deep love for Him that it is incomparable to anything else in their lives. Thank you for posting this. After my prayer I was convicted that I don’t pray enough for my children and their relationship with Jesus. Then reading this I was encouraged to make a stronger effort in this.

    Very well written!

    • I absolutely LOVE this for so many reasons. One because at least one set of our kids will make it down the alter…but mainly because by the worlds standards you and I are over the top Jesus Freaks….but by the standard that you and I strive towards, we are absolute messes trying desperately to finish this race with nothing left but all that He placed in us. I love you! May we continue to pray for their spouses and continue to spur one another on. ps. YOU ROCK!

      • Ha! I know what you mean. Best part is the closer I get to Jesus the more I realize just how jacked up I am and how desperately I need Him. So beautiful. Daily I am in awe that He could love me. What a scandalously graceful God we serve!

        You are pretty rockin’ yourself sis!! Love you more!!

  2. Thanks for the post. It’s something when God’s people preach His Word and as a result lives are exhorted, and carry the lessons where ere they go, even through time. But wow, when you have the opportunity to plant a seed concerning God and His Word, that is truly indescribable, and unassailable for the mind to contemplate the magnitude of forthcoming results.

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