God is still the God of Miracles

In 4 days I will be coming up on a double anniversary. May 8th will be 5 years since I met my husband, as well as the 2nd year my first husband and the father of my children ended his life. God has given me an enormous amount affirmation that He knew about it all and made sure that my broken heart would be able to seal out any doubts that my life was still running on it’s original course.

I started dating Matt on 4/6/96 and four years later 4/6/00 we were married. Although we separated on 8/8/05 he did not begin the divorce until, yup 4/6/08. So if you haven’t noticed 4/6 is a date that I relate to him. Well this past April my husband Chadd went on an advance boot camp through Ransom Hearts, and it happened to fall on the 6th. I knew God would make it crystal clear if this marriage was going to make it this weekend. I counted on God to pour out his Holy Spirit and radically change Chadd and our lives would finally be united in Him full force.

All day Saturday I could feel Gods Love and assurance of the blessing He was about to pour into our lives. When Chadd came home Sunday afternoon he affirmed that his break through occurred the day before making 4/6/13 now OUR day in Christ.

Do you see what God did to assure my weary heart about the men that He planned for me? Let me give you the short version.

Matt & Me –  4/6/96 beginning

Chadd & I –  5/8/08 met

Matt passed away – 5/8/11

Chadd & I one in Christ – 4/6/13

There are many other ways that God has assured me of this but this one allows me to tie in this amazing miracle that He allowed me to be apart of so I can share it with you.

After Matt’s death Chadd and I were not good, in fact I had never been more sure we were getting a divorce than I was during this period. In order to go further you’ll have to read the blog that was written in August 2011 explaining what had occurred. Click  here, and then come back to see the God of miracles still at work today.

I didn’t push the subject with my friend but hoped I would get the chance to talk to her again. On 1/11/13 she sent me another message and this time I asked more questions and found out that she like so many others had a hurtful experience from a church leader and the seed of destruction was planted. Our conversation remained respectful and open like the first one. Then I received one of those messages that I know truly had nothing to do with me, but still God allowed me to see what will happen when His children will LOVE others the way Jesus loved us.

On April 6, 2013


Just thought I should give you a little update on something I think you would like. Well my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. I only have one working tube and the two times I did get pregnant I lost it very very early. Well in February one night in my mind I guess you can say I kinda prayed for Gods help. As of today I am 8 weeks and doing good. Just thought you might like that story considering it is coming from me!!!

How’s that for the Father working in ways that show His glory like no other. But did you notice the date it was sent? I didn’t until this morning when I decided to write a blog about Matt. Do you see how God worked the death of Matt for GOOD, to open the doorway to her heart, and 2 years later on this exact date she was led to share with me the miracle that occurred.

Friends, this post isn’t about me boasting of my good works…this post is a detailed display of a small part of God’s plan for my life. I know that He has been making this so detailed so I would be able to show YOU that GOD is a personal detailed and LOVING Father. I know that I have been given a special gift receiving these details, but again not so I can boast about it, but so I can use it to open your eyes and heart with undeniable proof that GOD IS ALIVE AND HE IS WORKING IN OUR LIVES….OR AT LEAST TRYING TO. WE HAVE TO STOP FIGHTING HIM. YOUR WAYS CANNOT COMPARE TO WHAT HE HAS CREATED FOR YOU. SEEK HIM AND NEVER STOP. It’s been working for me….I know it will for you too!

Hope you stayed with me through this one….please share this with anyone who doubts that God loves them or that they have a purpose in Him.


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