I have a thing with acronyms…or I should say God likes to give me meanings to words that just sticks with me forever. The first one that biblically was YHWH – immediately I heard within my Spirit “You Have Work Here”. Then the most powerful was given to me during the hardest time I’ve had since coming to the Lord. Right before I woke up I kept repeating “Meaning of LIFE – Live Intentionally For Eternity.” Last night when I read a pretty picture that said HOPE I heard “Heaven Our Perfect Eternity”. Just now as I turned to ACTS 1 to begin to study I thought how fitting that this book is called “Acts”. Then I heard “A Church That Stands” I went to write this and tried changing it to “Saves” but as I wrote the word “Stands” came out. Which shows me yet again another acronym God has placed within my heart that I share with you.


One thought on “Acronyms…

  1. Reblogged this on Crys's Blog and commented:
    Last night God added to my assignment with the word MORE!
    Make Our Revival Eternal
    Friends, Revival is happening in the USA – Don’t MISS it. This ONE is Eternal! There is MORE!

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