to wives…

WOW! God taught me important lessons 3 years ago through sharing my personal experience in writings. I absolutely love going back and reading my old writings. But today, this exact moment God spoke to my present situation in an entirely fresh and powerful way. God you are amazing and I thank you for using my life, and for allowing me to be used by you. You make me sound so smart. I love it!

Wives this was written for us. Its one that we don’t want to hear, and many will reject it. But no matter what type of marriage you have this pertains to you, and I ask Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of those who will read your message! In Jesus Name AMEN

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I have to admit that even though many people have been hurt by my honesty, as I have been hurt by many others honesty. One thing that I will never deny is, if this ‘honesty’ was delivered by someone that has a grasp on who I am, where I’ve been, and cares about me, although if delivered horribly, I will still hear what it is they’re saying and of course pray about why it hurt so bad. Before I became a Christian I still would ask myself (more like interrogate) “Are they right?” If I don’t think they are….I’ll ask myself then…well what the heck happened then? Is it possible they have issues? Well, that one is easy YES…. 🙂 This observation however true still did not solve the problem or mend our relationship. Thus the interrogation begins.

My high school friends can attest to this when I say “I…

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