are you Spiritually Constipated?


God is pressing into me today how vital we are to one another. We have to truly understand that WE ARE THE CHURCH. Yes, we need one another, Yes, it’s amazing that we have the freedom to meet regularly within 4 walls…..BUT what are we doing with the anointing that we are given each week.

When I say that I mean, the pastor that stands up to teach you each week is imparting what God has placed within them. What are you and I doing with this? Is it even going anywhere other than your ears?

I have a saying that I have preached to my family and it’s that the church has become “spiritually constipated”. We are backed up and the enemy has WON in so many homes. We are greedy hoarders. We do not pour out what we’ve been given and what happens is our “wineskin” (our Spirit) becomes dry, stale, and unusable.

Now I write this but want those who begin to feel guilty because you’re wiped out or not strong enough to pour into others and require others to pour into you….to stop right there and listen. A couple months ago I had been given a word after starting a new church that takes up tithes and offerings pretty intensely. I felt strongly that God told me “I do not cause guilt” The Spirit than gave me understanding of this Word. I want to share this with you because that “guilt” is caused by a religious spirit, not the Holy Spirit. God wants you to have a cheerful heart when giving anything, especially I believe when it comes to pouring into others. When you truly have a fresh anointing you are eager to share it with the world, with all of your loved ones, and anyone who will listen. THIS I imagine brings more joy and pleasure to the Lord than any obligated offering.

So many forget that the Fruit of the SPIRIT is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, , FAITHFULNESS, & GENTLENESS. (see Galatians 5:22,23) If you’re not working in any of those, chances are you’re working in your own power. Can it still affect others, absolutely. Gods Word will not return void. However, the power of the Spirit will always exceed anything we can do by our own strength.

So I ask you…..quoting Janet Jackson “What have you done for God lately?” Are you pouring into anyone else, are you in a season where you’re allowing others to pour into you? Or are you going through the motions, appearing to be alive, but inside you’re really dead? Because if you are then I plead with you to read the letter to the church of SARDIS in Revelations 3….because that is the spirit within you that Jesus is calling….won’t you listen?

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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