Spiritual Gypsies?


I remember my mom saying we were like gypsies because we moved so much. She made the yearly move to a new apartment place exciting. She was a great mom. Today I know it was because we had to move because we were late on our rent and couldn’t afford to stay there. But what a wonderful way to add joy to the kids, when in her heart I’m sure she was struggling knowing that this was one more place her kids had to leave.

Little did she know God was preparing me for the same kind of life, within the church. I told one of my girlfriends today that we were gypsies because we decided to visit her church again. And man oh man am I ever glad we did. Beautiful message about the Holy Spirit (my FAVORITE subject in church). We’ve visited this church in the past and I knew the teachings were excellent and the kids church set a fire within my children that had never really been there in our original church. But it didn’t seem like God wanted us there at that time. So we moved on to another church, that God seemed very clear on telling both my husband and I THIS is where you need to be. Then we both began plugging in and things seemed to fall apart within our home again, and my Spirit was definitely not free to be me. Then God had one of my very best friends and I have a separation and this church is way too small for the both of us, so I chose to stay home while my family went to church. (NOT what GOD wants at all)

Then one night Perry Stone was teaching at another church and I absolutely love his teachings, which have helped me tremendously understand myself more and more. This church worshipped like my Spirit had ACHED to worship and looked at my husband and said THIS is where I am supposed to be, right now. I knew that my kids and him weren’t completely comfortable but they could see I had come back to life. So we stayed there and also ventured at church at home. Which was also a beautiful fit.

This morning as we were getting out of service, both just beaming because all that God had been teaching us through the Voice of Apostles from Global Awakening, the recent family He has brought us unto, and the Pastor via internet He’s been speaking to us about was all packed in this amazing teaching. I could tell my husband and daughter were coming alive, and when we left they affirmed what God had already opened my eyes too. But I told my husband that I still believe within my being that we are rooted in HIM and He is moving us from place to place because He wants us to BE the CHURCH not BE OF the CHURCH. Sounds familiar right, be IN the world, not OF the world.

I absolutely love Jesus, The Bible, and His church. I absolutely hate the religious spirit that has infiltrated our churches. We are hated because we are not truly living out ACTS, so who wants our Jesus when we can’t even decide to live the way He did. LOVE….radical LOVE is what He gave us. How? Because He IS GOD, GOD IS LOVE (See 1 Corinthians 13 – replace LOVE with GOD and see who GOD is). The Holy Spirit of God, which I am coming to believe is the female aspect of God…and before you throw stones at me do me a favor and try and understand what I am saying before rejecting it.

Wisdom is described as a SHE, WISDOM IS THE HOLY SPIRIT! Genesis says He created THEM in HIS image. WOman, I just heard in my Spirit WISDOM OF MAN – we are HIS helpers, Holy Spirit is the HELPER sent to us. God has a masculine and feminine side to Him how else would He create this image of Himself if it didn’t include the feminine side? Also, if you’re actually paying attention to the move of God He is ushering in the Holy Spirit fiercely as well as removing the stigma’s on Woman within the church. Coincidence? GOD does NOTHING on accident. or By chance. He’s not sitting up above us saying “oh wow didn’t see that happening” Maybe I’m wrong….I don’t think I am, but I do challenge you to search the scriptures like the Bereans did and I pray that you do so without the intention to prove me wrong, just as the Atheist try to prove Jesus doesn’t exist.

The moral of my blog is this….Listen to the Spirit of God…be a Mary when Jesus is talking, and GO where ever HE tells you to, and DO, SAY, and LOVE ALL THAT HE TELLS YOU TO!

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty! I love you, all of you, even those of you who disagree with what I’ve written. Would love for you to reply to what I’ve written.

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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