“We are surrounded by moths seeking the Light, You are to be that Light”


“We are surrounded by moths seeking the Light, You are to be that Light”

A moth goes through the same process as a butterfly, only they are nocturnal creatures. I find this very interesting considering so many Christians believe in Jesus Christ, yet they are still lost in the dark. They believe they are free, but they still repent and ask forgiveness each time they sin. They do not truly believe that ALL of their sins have been forgiven so therefore they are still striving to be free from sin.

That statement above was one that was given to me during a time of fasting and prayer. I had recently learned about the Chrysalis stage of a butterfly and moth, and agreed within my Spirit that this stage, also known as the ‘larva’ stage, is very much what sanctification is like. We are no longer crawling on our stomachs living with and as the serpent, but have come into the belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. But this next stage, the Chrysalis stage is one where the most dramatic change is occurring, yet it appears to be dead. As it stays hidden within the cocoon a transformation is happening.

When we begin to truly discover the mystery of Christ IN us, we begin to go through a dramatic change within. Although our outside appearance stays the same, everything else that we once knew to be true begins to transform. This transformation for me was the most terrifying and painful time I’ve ever experienced. I like the Chrysalis felt trapped in the dark, I had no clue at the time what God was actually doing to my mind. To others I appeared to have lost it, and I must admit I myself also thought many times “ok this is it I’ve gone completely nuts”.

Little did I know that what was actually happening was the death of my old self, or I should say the awakening of my New Self, my old self died on the cross when Jesus agreed to take it upon Him and nailed it to the cross. I held on to this old self and this caused the war to continue within my mind, and eventually leaking out onto others. This process has cost me friendships, but the gain which is Christ is worth everything. As Paul says I consider it all loss.

I am a New Creation and the Light of Jesus is within me, I am the Light of the World, and those who are seeking truth, are finding it within me. I was no one before Jesus, today I am a Daughter of God. (see Galatians 4) Chosen before the creation of the world. (see Romans 8) Here is a secret….so are you. All of your sins have been nailed to the Cross, you are a son or daughter of the King, co-heirs with Christ. You are FREE from sin, your old self died on the cross, Jesus took all of your sins as His own so you wouldn’t have to suffer without God (aka wrath of God). All that is required of you is to believe in Him who the Father has sent. The Will of the Father is for you to Behold the Son and Believe in Him. (see John 6)

God is calling his Children to rise up and take what is theirs, what Jesus won back for us, our birthright as CHILDREN of GOD! Sons and Daughters.

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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