Trust the Word


Trust. This 5 letter word holds so much power doesn’t it? Without it nothing really works between two creatures, whether human or animal. But with it…..nothing can stop it.

I’ve had my trust broken so many times by so many different types of relationships. Friends, Family, Spouses, and children. As I’m sure many reading this have also endured broken trust.

What about our trust in God’s Word? I trust God’s Word emphatically, what I don’t always trust is the person who is delivering it. I believe this is biblical, 1 John 4 Talks about testing the spirits to see whether they are from God. People have spirits, and we are to test them to see if they are indeed from God. Friends, I believe too many times we forget that the devil knows scripture, that the devil comes disguised as light, and can perform miracles as well.

No matter how long you may have taken advice or teachings from someone I want to challenge you to test their spirit. Ask them to back up what they are saying by scripture.

Recently I have been taught some pretty intense, but absolutely freeing texts within the Word of God and as I am coming out talking about this some are open, yet others refuse to agree with it. The sad part is they think they are disagreeing with me, when I show them in black and white that this is what the Word says. Yet they still hold on to their beliefs. This is sad. They say they believe God’s Word yet when you present them with the text they try to argue away what it is saying. I always hear within my Spirit “do not harden your hearts when you hear His voice”.

I guess this short note is just to open each of you up to being open to learning something new within the word. Go to it with eyes willing to see what the Spirit of God wants to reveal to you. The seals have been broken and the mystery has been revealed, and He did say that He would reveal them to infants, to those who the wise would consider unworthy. Don’t allow your pride keep you from receiving the truth. John 10:10 says that the thief comes to steal and destroy, but Jesus came to give life, abundantly. Be sure not to walk with the destroyer and cast off the truth of freedom within the Word, simply because you don’t like the one who is bringing the message to you.

~sometimes I just gotta write~


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