Prayer for broken hearts

Heavenly Father,

I am praying for the women out there today that have brokeness in their hearts. Lord they’re doing everything they’ve been told to do, they go to church, they tithe, they read devotionals, they pray, and yet they’re still unable to be free from this pain inside of them. Father they need you. The traditions of men have let them down. Lord Jesus they need YOU to be their guide, they need you to show them where you are. Speak to those who you have chosen Lord Jesus, wake them up from the slumber they have fallen into. Guide those whose hearts are pure and truly desire YOU. You heal the brokenhearted; today Father, will you awaken all those who read this prayer? Will you guide them to your scriptures and give them eyes to see YOU clearly. Thank you Daddy for knowing me and showing me the Way Home! I love you and I praise you!


One thought on “Prayer for broken hearts

  1. I prayed a similar prayer to this in my dream in front of a huge audience, stressing the “traditions of men” exceedingly more than I did here. I was this person. I can’t tell you how much of my time I devoted to trying to free myself from the pain and confusion I had in my mind. I believed God was capable of freeing me but could never find it. Scriptures says “always learning and never coming to understanding” it wasnt until last year when I gave my public testimony and told everyone for the last 5 years I have been lost as to who Jesus is. Everyone says you need Jesus, but they never told me how I am to get this Jesus….today I realize bc they don’t really know they just know they too need Him. Well what I have learned since then is I had to believe I was free from sin for me to ever “get” Jesus. He can’t be one with a sinner. He is Holy, I wasn’t. So I needed to be Holy, through belief that He made me Holy at the cross. Today I have Jesus and all His promises. He wanted me to pray for those women today who are desiring Him. You know who you are, He is calling YOU today. – Crys

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