I am not Lucky!

Someone made an innocent comment on a post today and said “You’re so lucky”. I get the gesture, but it offended me. Here is why….⁣

I am not lucky. I have never been lucky. Things in my life have always been HARD. Childhood was filled with trauma after trauma. Teenage years were just as awful. Young adult hood is filled with drugs, alcohol, and ungodly things that should’ve killed me. ⁣

This time in my life is also when death entered. First with friends overdosing, then my brother tragically dying, then family, father, and lastly my childrens Father. ⁣

I’ve been divorced and going through a second one currently. I’ve been evicted, broke, and hungry. ⁣

I am not lucky. ⁣

I am BLESSED. Blessed by a loving God who redeemed me from that tragic, dark, and empty life. He filled me with His Holy Spirit allowing me the wisdom to see all the good He can, will, and has used from all that darkness before Him. ⁣

Luck is a superstitious belief, a by chance happening. Being Blessed is a state of mind that holds me firmly in the Truth that I Am LOVED. I Am Love. I Am Never Forsaken. I Am Never Alone. I Am Blessed, not lucky. ⁣

“Blessed is she who believed in the promises the Lord had spoken to her” Luke 1:45

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