It’s my Favorite day of the year! :)

Today is my favorite day of the year. Today is the day when I set my yearly goals and look back on the year that has just passed. And of course celebrate!!┬áI know most people do this on the 1st…but I have always gone against the norm, as long as I can help it. However,as much I like this, that isn’t the reason why I wait until today, or why it’s my favorite day of the year.

Today is my Birthday, my 35th to be exact. I feel so grown up writing that. ­čÖé I absolutely LOVE my birthday. And God has been so good to me and not made me share this date with anyone close. See He knew that I would grow up having to combine my birthday with my brother Mike whose birthday was December 29th…and we both had to share it with Christmas. (I didn’t know anything about Jesus when I was a kid…so that’s why I said Christmas instead the real purpose behind Christmas, which is of course the celebration of our Savior Jesus Christ. ok now back to my shameless admission)

My parents were married at 16 & 17 and had me their 3rd child at 23 & 24. Needless to say they worked hard to provide for us, and what they made was just barely enough at times to cover the essentials. Because of these factors my birthday growing up wasn’t just about me. I honestly don’t remember any childhood birthdays, I have a snapshot of me and Mike having a combined party, so I know that we had at least one. Now I’m not complaining, just merely sharing some back history to set up this next part.

I think my love for my birthday started in high school. When I went to school on my birthday, it was all about me. Lots of friends saying Happy Birthday and parties being planned all for me! My birthdays as a teenager were awesome. So as I became an adult I have held onto that love for my birthday. The day when it’s ALL about ME! It’s a holiday just for me. So not having any friends share the same date as me, made this day even better each year.

Then it happened. At 23 I got married and we started trying right away. Kayla was our honeymoon baby, we were married on 4/6/00 and she was growing in me by the 28th. So I went to the first doctors appointment and my due date was January 8th, 2001. I thought “How cool my moms first was born┬áthe day after her birthday too”. Then we started telling family and friends about the news and everyone kept saying “Oh hopefully she’ll come on your birthday”. Eventually after the umptenth (sp)┬áperson said that I finally blurted, in my whiney I don’t want to share voice “No…I don’t want to share my birthday” You can imagine the look on their face. But I it wasn’t only about me, I thought also about her…I knew what it was like having to share your special day…and there is nothing special about sharing that day with someone else.

So yet again God kept my special day, special and she was born on December 28th. And just to so you know I truly did consider her when I pouted, her dad and I made sure that no one gave her birthday gifts during Christmas. Her day was all about her. (until I remarried that is. But that’s a totallly new blog)

So anyway, if you’re still here God Bless you. I rambled there. The point of this blog was to of course talk about my love of my birthday. But also I did want to encourage any of you who consider it “just another day” or are embarrassed by your age… to reconsider how you look at the day you were born. Whether you have a huge party or stay at home all alone, the day you were born was the day that God chose for YOU. He CHOSE YOU to be here in this world at that exact moment.┬áCelebrate who you are…Don’t let the day God chose for you to be passed over. See He has a purpose for you, one that He chose in advance just for YOU, no one else. Not to mention that you (and I) are created in His image…so ya that alone is cause for a huge celebration.

Ok. this entry went on for too long. Sorry! But like I said I’m happy bc it’s my Birthday!!

~sometimes I just gotta write~