Ramblings, on purpose.

Do you ever think about your purpose?

I mean really think about it.

I do. All the time.

I’m a thinker. I think about everything. Grand things, small things, future things, past things. I’m always thinking.

I want to know why I do what I do. Why I react the way I react. I want to know how to CHANGE the things I dislike about myself. I desire to grow. Desire to achieve greatness.

What does any of this have to do with my original question?

I believe that our purpose is intricately designed within us. So if we are unaware of who we are or why we do what we do, how will we ever be able to fully walk out in our purpose.

If our viewpoint of ourselves is jaded or incomplete, then our output will also be incomplete. Therefore, knowing ourselves, our TRUE selves is vital…… I believe in fulfilling our purpose.

So I’m constantly looking forward but also asking how my past has created this future and what can I adjust to make the outcome closer to where I desire to be.

I believe that when you are open to receiving this information God will send you what you’re ready to receive.

I’m currently reading a few things that speak about changing your mindset, as well as receiving videos from friends that speak on how our past directly effects our actions and thoughts.

Here’s the thing though…… I am a mother. So as I learn this information about how my past has created this reality I live in. I am compelled to make sure that the moments I spend with my kids are focused on creating a future they don’t have to rescue themselves from.

That. Is my purpose.

I’ve always known this too.

I remember being 10 years old in my front yard, playing by myself and thinking how I couldn’t wait to be a mother so I could love my kids so much that they would never question how I felt about them.

At 17 when asked where do you see yourself in 10 years, I immediately responded as a mother. I’ve always desired to be a Mother. It was designed within me before I ever came about. The universe has given me all the tools I need to be the mother I always desired to be.

But I had to work to get here. I had to consider my ways over and over again. I have failed many times in creating a safe environment for my kids.

And yet still I know without a doubt that each day I am fulfilling my purpose in their lives. As well as the other mom in my boys lives.

Do you know your purpose?

Are you looking within each day to find it?




I love them so much. I imagine most writers do. They hold the power within them to catapult you from your chair into a world filled with mysterious creatures and wonder.

They also hold the power to crush ones soul. So many words are written for all the world to see. The internet has become an anchor in most homes. A necessity almost. Our young children have access to anything and everyone with just one click.

And yet…..the words that we see and read come from someone. Someone sitting behind the co.puter or their cell phone within their fingers, creating words by putting letters together. Possibly never even considering the impact that those words may have on another soul.

Words can bring LIFE to a heart that is barely hanging on. Words can bring HOPE when there seems to be none left.

Your WORDS matter. My WORDS matter. YOU MATTER.

One simple change. One word removed and the entire paragraph changes.


Who you are, what you believe, how you behave. It ALL matters. The things that you say, think, and write MATTER.

Someone somewhere will read what was written and an impact is made. Someone will over hear what you say and an impact is made.

I know we go through life only focusing on US and how what we do or say impacts US. But perhaps, even just for today. Consider the words you allow to be spoken. Consider the words you believe. Consider the words you write.

Because someone, somewhere, will be impacted by YOU and the WORDS you leave behind.

They’re watching 

​Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 NASB

As parents it’s our responsibility to raise our children in the way they should go. 

Do they see you lying to your friends, co-workers,  or their other parent? Do they see you taking the easy way out? Do they hear you gossip to your friends? Do they see you getting drunk? Do they see you dating person after person? Do they see you having sleep overs without being married? Do they see you texting while driving? 

They’re watching you to train them in the way they should go. 

Do you praise God when things go right, how about when they go wrong? Do you trust in God when times get hard or are you consumed in your emotions? 

Children are sponges. They absorb what they see more than what you say. 

Be on guard when you live as a parent because you’re raising someones spouse, your grandbabies parents. 

Choose to live by example and care more about who they become versus what you want. 

Choose them over you. 

Written by a 12 year old, but authored by a Living God….

Our whole life is like a land slide. Because god send tests (the land slide) but he plants trees with strong branches and roots (the word) so we can stay safe from the land slide (or from Satan’s control) but when we get doubt, fear, or hate, then a branch breaks off the tree (or we lose the word of God) and the Broken branch will look like a strong one (the devil will trick u In to thinking that he’s the light) then the more bad branches we grab the more the land slide takes us in (or the more the devil controls u) so DON’T BE AFRAID, DOUBTFUL, OR HATEFUL!!! LOVE AND LEARN AND BELIEVE HIS WORD AND IN HIM!!! Btw this came because I just went to the park and played land slide and my brothers were getting too annoying so that’s where all this came from.

These words were written by my 12 year old daughter on 3/9/13 – I post these not to boast of my parenting because my parenting is only a small portion of the amazing young woman she is. These words were inspired by the Holy Spirit; He is VERY much ALIVE and living inside of her. She was baptized on her 10th birthday and each year I am continually blown away what comes out of her mouth when she allows Him to lead.

I have heard repeatedly over the last year that children cannot understand the commitment they’re making when they choose Jesus at a young age. This makes me want to say to these people “RIGHT…because any adult that makes the commitment to Jesus understands perfectly when they are first baptized.”

Listen…Jesus tells us NOT to hinder the children from coming to Him. That we have to become LIKE them to enter the Kingdom. That our Faith needs to be like THEIRS. I am not aware of any time in the Scriptures where He is instructing the children to be more like us.

Another reason some people “hinder” the children from Jesus is because they unable to understand real sin. Again…that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Let’s keep them from being baptized into Jesus until they really get some life experiences and know what sin is. Let’s NOT raise them in the Lord, baptizing them when they’re asking, sealing them with the Holy Spirit. No definitely lets wait until Satan get his hands on them first. Let them wrestle with that demon and then decide if they want to make Jesus Lord of their life. (I’m sitting here shaking my and rolling my eyes.)

Parents….let me just say this. If you’re not teaching your children about Jesus, not displaying moments of Holy Spirit miracles, and leaving it up to the church one day a week….I’m afraid to say that YOU are robbing your children of their inheritance. Our children and theirs are the ones who will enjoy the WINE of the Holy Spirit. We have been given the Water that turns into WINE if we would only activate it and allow His presence to LEAD us in every area of our lives.

If we are unable to guide them in accepting the Holy Spirit of God then we have been missing the mark of discipling our children. Perhaps…the reason may be because you are unaware of the commitment that YOU made when being baptized in the Name of Jesus, and you haven’t activated Him either. If this is the case let me tell you that He’s having you read this for a REASON… He’s right there…talk to HIM. Invite Him to be present in your life. You will not be sorry.

But I’m hoping there are other parents who read this and are encouraged to continue to live out their Faith WITH their children. God loves a parent who knows the importance of making sure their children KNOW HIM in ALL areas of their lives. May God Bless you more than you could truly ever imagine!!

Another life lesson given through my children

A couple weeks ago I posted a blog that was inspired from my study time with my 7yr old son Tristan. We are currently doing a plan through www.YouVersion.com called “The Book of Daniel with Kids” (To read earlier post click here) today we are on day 14 Chapter 4:28-37 The Dream is Fulfilled (click here to read about the dream warning the King, and the consequences for disobedience Chapter 4)

These last few lines of King Nebuchadnezzar’s letter “to the peoples, nations and men of every language, who live in all the world” (that includes you and me btw), he talks about what God did to him because of his disobedience to heed the warning given one year earlier. God tells him that he will basically make him a crazy, grass eating, homeless man. That 7 years will pass before he will learn the lesson that God rules every kingdom on earth.

I paused and ask Tristan why he thought God said it would be 7 years and the king couldn’t learn his lesson sooner with all these warnings. His answer makes my heart smile so much.

“Because God knows what’s going to happen at anytime, in the future or the past.”

Friends, do you know how important this truth is? Do you understand the security that is being built within his heart knowing this at 7 years old? I don’t write this to boast about my parenting, because I drop the ball with him big time. But what I will boast about is the wisdom that God has given me through painful experiences of tragic deaths, divorce, abuse, and a life filled with darkness, to teach my children.

Because I grew up without the Lord I know what a difference choosing Him makes on families. The pain and destruction that passes on to generation after generation. God has shown me through my life and the lives of my family, what will happen again if I do not heed His instructions and build a foundation so solid and so deep that nothing and no one will be able to destroy it.

What about you? Have you suffered in this life? Do you feel as if you have been given the short end of the stick? Friend, may I remind you that God uses the lowly to do His work. God has never forsaken you…EVER. He knew every ounce of pain that you endured. He has a purpose for it…if you would just choose to believe that He is a GOOD GOD, and ALL POWERFUL GOD, and a GOD THAT LOVES YOU TO THE CROSS AND BACK! Trust HIM!

At the end of the kings 7 years God restored his sanity, honor, and kingdom. He ruled his people under Gods authority and warns you at the end of verse 37 that those of us who walk in pride God is able to humble.

God is in control. I know it appears that He isn’t, but I assure you that not a moment passes that He does not have TOTAL control. This is my plea to all the parents who happen to be reading this…. do not allow another day to go by without asking God to help you raise the children He entrusted you with. If you are living a life that is unpleasing to Him, STOP! Your warning is here….God has seen the evil that we are allowing to consume our lives and the lives of our children. God has already Won. Victory is His. He has already predestined our children to be victorious.

Will we choose to see this life as our own, or will we pick up our cross as parents and seek Gods help in raising His Kings and Queens? I pray that you and I will build up our children so that no lies will ever destroy them.