Pursue Love


My husband and I are going through the first book of Corinthians. Today we are on chapter 14. I haven’t been able to get past the first few lines. Heck the first two words had my mind in a stand still. “Pursue love” Immediately I hear “God is Love” So I read it “Pursue God”. These two words will change a person’s life. I am a witness to this truth. Yet many still go about their days repeating the same chaotic cycle of defeat. Whether physically or mentally, but mostly spiritually. They say they love God, and I believe many do. Only they haven’t fully understood what true love is. The world has caused them so many heartaches that makes “true love” almost impossible to imagine. When a person is “in love” according to the worlds standards they “feel” a certain way.

The problem with this “feeling” is it fades and then we question if it was ever real to begin with. I believe this is why so many couples fail. Once they come down from the euphoric feeling they see with new eyes and decide to walk away in search for that “feeling” all over again.

What if we sought to have that feeling we have in a relationship towards God? You know the one where you’re constantly thinking about Him, checking your Facebook and phone to see if He’s said anything. Everyday you can hear Him whisper sweet words into your heart, if only you’d pick up your Bible. You could receive beautiful handcrafted art, if only you’d see His hand in the sunrise or sunset. You’d receive endless bouquets of flowers, trees, and plants; if only you’d admit that He created them just for YOU.

Pursue love….with Valentine’s Day approaching I challenge you to pursue the Love that will never forsake you, that will never lie to you, and that will always keep His promises. Pursue God with ALL your mind, heart, and strength and I assure you it will be an everlasting kind of LOVE! Be Blessed!

~sometimes I just gotta write~